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The Freeing Energy Podcast

Sep 27, 2022

In her inspiring new book, Rural Renaissance, social entrepreneur, author and clean energy non-profit CEO Michelle Moore offers a vision of thriving rural communities where clean power is the spark that leads to greater investment, vitality, and equity. Additionally, Moore argues that we have everything we need in hand today to make this vision a reality.  

In this wide ranging discussion with Freeing Energy, Moore breaks down the key elements that will shape a rural renaissance.  Learn how the work being done by Groundswell, the non-profit she leads, is helping to develop community power by connecting solar and energy efficiency with economic development, affordability, and quality of life. Plus, Moore shares the practical, value-driven steps each of us can take to help accelerate this transition.

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Groundswell Program Areas:

Michelle Moore’s Book:

Use Promo Code “Rural” for 20% off. 

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From Interstitial: Generation180 September 2022 Study on Solar in K-12 Schools in the US. 


New York Times Article:

Facing Budget Shortfalls, These Schools Are Turning to the Sun

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