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The Freeing Energy Podcast

Mar 26, 2019

The grid, passive grids, microgrids, islanding, renewable resources, and reliability…. how we get and manage our electricity is complex.

In this podcast, Susan Kennedy, the founder and CEO of energy-tech company AMS, takes us on a tour of this complex world and explains how the future of energy will be...

Mar 19, 2019

Hosts Sam Easterby and Bill Nussey discuss the biggest clean energy headlines of February 2019 including a deep dive on the Green New Deal, the world's largest battery, and some questionable fossil fuel lobbying.

Mar 12, 2019

The grid. It’s that giant thing that brings electricity into our homes. Well, right now the electrical grid is a 135 year old behemoth that is tightly controlled by Governments and giant utilities. But, that is changing and changing fast. Now, individuals and businesses have access to clean renewable energy 24/7....